Pathophysiology and Classification
Defects in digestion, absorption and transport of nutrients and electrolytes
Defect of enterocyte differentiation and polarization
Defects of enteroendocrine cells differentiation
Defects of modulation of intestinal immune response
The Initial Steps of Diagnostic Work Up
Members Area
  Congenital diarrheal disorders
  Congenital diarrheal disorders (CDD) are a group of rare chronic enteropathies characterized by a heterogeneous etiology, which are generally related to specific genetic defects inherited as autosomal recessive traits.
The website is dedicated to physicians and researchers approaching these severe conditions. The most relevant progresses on these disorders are presented for an efficient translation from basic science to bedside. An updated diagnostic approach is provided to help physicians for the best workup for patients with suspected CDD. The website provides a rapid access to molecular analysis and other diagnostic procedures for subjects with suspected CDD. The website serves as a platform for a dedicated database for patients with a CDD. This database could provide information for future collaborative studies.
We thank all physicians and researchers who have collaborated in the creation of this website and all those who want to contribute in the future on the continuous improvement of knowledge about these diseases , in order to allow for a better future for children with CDD.
  CEINGE - Biotecnologie Avanzate, a non-profit consortium that deals with advanced biotechnologies and their possible applications, provides molecular analysis for the main form of CDD.  
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  A dedicated database with the aim to improve our knowledge on main epidemiologic and clinical features of CDD. In this initial test phase, the database is opened only at the national level. Soon it will be possible to fit patient data at European level.  
  Access to Database CDD  
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